• Up to 4 players in local multiplayer !
  • Carefully designed maps for great replayability!
  • A training mode to play alone or in co-op against bots!
  • A strategic game with simple rules and easy to learn!
  • Configurable keyboard and joysticks!


Use the map as a weapon and don't lose your focus! Made to be Crushed is a strategic and nervous local multiplayer shooter. Trap or be trapped!


Made to be crushed is a game that took me 2 years to create, yet at the very beginning it was only a prototype made in 3 hours. Here is what the game looked like:


Until then it was only a basic game, but it was already fun, originally the traps like the laser were triggered by themselves but it was frustrating to die because of the game and not by one of the players, so the buttons were created to allow all players to trigger the traps themselves, a simple and original idea that, I think gave all the charm of Made to be Crushed.


You can then have all the satisfaction of having destroyed one of your opponents by pressing the green laser button.

About Loekni

I'm an independent solo game developer, creator of Made to be Crushed and Christmas Hell. I created the game myself, be it music, art, game design or programming.

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